Socialt liv i Foundation for Change / Social life in FFC

Derrick er frivillig i foundation for change i Myanmar. Her fortæller han (på engelsk) om, hvordan det er at være frivillig i myanmar.

Derrick is volunteer in Foundation for Change (FFC) in Myanmar. In this blog post he is writing about how it is to be a volunteer in FFC.

Most of you, the readers of this blog, have already known me as a funny guy at Foundation for change (FFC), who is into music so bad. In addition, you may notice that I spend most of my time reading, listening to music and singing in the Youth hub of FFC.

My full name is Saw Derrick, and I go for Derrick. Recently, I have become one of the Project Group members of FFC and just turned to 20 years of age. So sad. Just kidding. Originally, I am from a city named Pathein, four-hour’ drive to Yangon, and I am the biggest son in my family but I have two sisters who were born before I was.

Including this year, I have been participating in FFC for 2 years at least. Let me tell you one interesting thing about FFC.

FFC is a place where decision making is in the hands of authorized youths selected once a year by FFC volunteers and they are responsible for planning the whole year program of FFC and assisting social activity group, conversation club group and trainer group of FFC in order to fulfil the year program successfully.

It means that FFC is for the youth by the youth. Therefore, most of ownership is handed over youths in FFC and they are able to build up their skills and dreams, and search for their most possible potentials.

By the blessing of God, I have found my two possible potentials while taking part in the activities organized by FFC and I really want to say “thanks God for introducing me with FFC.” Now I 100% believe that I could be a great public speaker and trainer, as well as a successful singer in the future. Why am I so sure of that? I am sure of that because not only I am the one who believes that but also my friends from FFC do the same way like I do.

After nearly every time I had stood up and done presentations in front of my friends, the words which came out of their mouths were “good job boys”, “excellent”, “what a fascinating presentation you did” and so on.

I am also capable of conducting trainings on public speaking and youth leadership because I was trained by Majken and Jens, who are FFC trainers from Denmark, to become a trainer and they gave me a chance to start giving training. Making me better, I got an opportunity to join training of trainers program organized by FFC. And also, I can feel that I am regraded by my FFC friends as a singer and composer who could be successful in the future. What a nice living place I inhabit.

The reason why I am saying these is that I want you to know that it would be extremely difficult to reach your full potential if you are not in a supportive environment. You even would not know what possible potentials you have got. I am not convincing you to come and participate at FFC.

I just want to give you a message that you should be surrounded by supportive people and environment in order to find and reach your potential and you should be a good supporter for your brother, sisters, friends and so on in order to make your living environment enjoyable for other people.

Now I am in a place where young people support to each other, and I am being surrounded by friends who will never be jealous of me but willing to help me to reach my full potential.