En rejse, hvor jeg gror

Foundation for CHange i Myanmar har ansat to deltidsmedarbejdere. Den ene er Ei Yupar Maung, der her skriver om sit nye job.

Greetings from Yangon. I am Ei Yupar Maung and I am the Administrative Coordinator of Foundation for Change (FFC) Myanmar. I am 21 years old and a fresh graduate from the National Management Degree College, with a Bachelor degree in Business Management. You can say that I’m new to FFC as I have only been working under FFC for 1 month and a half.

So, as for my story in FFC, I’ve been introduced to FFC by one of my good friends, Mindy who is also the chairperson of the Project Group. I’ve been told that FFC is an organization that is conducting youth empowerment projects in Myanmar and that is mainly composed with the youth volunteers.

As I was looking for a job after coming back from a 52-day Youth Exchange Program, I felt like the job position for the Administrative Coordinator is very interesting and perfect for me. Therefore, I decided to give it a try and submitted my CV.

After I have been notified that I am chosen to be the Administrative Coordinator, I was thrilled to become part of FFC. Because after having interviews with the members of FFC, I have expected that this position can be a good opportunity to grow myself, both career wise and personality wise as FFC is an organization that is empowering youths and creating connections with youths from various backgrounds. And guess what, I am totally right about my feeling.

Working at FFC is definitely different from other working environments. First of all, it’s a nonprofit organization which means that it doesn’t focus on making profits, it focuses on empowering youth and connecting with youths. Therefore, the working environment is totally different from the ones at the profit organizations.

Instead of dealing with numbers and customers, here at FFC, I have to deal with the youths who are interested in creating a better society. By dealing with these youths, I feel inspired by their enthusiastic minds.

Second, being one of the only two staff members of FFC, I have no supervisor or boss who will order me to get my things done which means that I have to rely on my own sense of responsibility.

Having worked as the Administrative Coordinator for 1 month and a half, I think I have developed better sense of responsibility towards my job which I think is a great thing for my career life. Another great point of working here is that as I’m working here as a part-time administrator, I can also pursue my further study in academic field. So, working here helps me to grow in many different aspects and also help me to gain working experiences. What can I ask for more?

FFC’s goal is to empower youths and I think FFC is doing a very good job in attaining in that goal by conducting various activities and projects such as Volunteer Youth Fund, Concept trainings, and Conversation clubs.

Among these, I like the idea of Volunteer Youth Fund in particular. The idea of Volunteer Youth Fund (VYF) is to assist the youth volunteers in turning their ideas into a real project by funding them with a maximum amount of 600$. The reason why I particularly like this idea is that youth volunteers usually have a lot of great ideas in contributing the society but they often face with financial problems which prevent them from making those ideas happen.

Now, with the VYF, young volunteers can freely build projects of their own without having to worry about the financial aspects. And as the administrative coordinator of FFC, I would like to encourage more and more youths in Myanmar to apply for VYF and also other youths to come and  join our activities so that they can be part of this amazing growth journey too.