Debating one moment, giggling the next

Mindy er nyvalgt i Foundation for Changes projektgruppe. Her fortæller hun om, hvorfor hun har valgt at være frivilligt, og hvad FFC har givet hende. Læs med herunder. Blogindlægget er på engelsk.

By: Myo Su Aye / Mindy – Coordinator for Conversation Club and Chairperson of Foundation for Change’s Project Group 2017.

I am volunteering as the coordinator of the Foundation for Change’s (FFC) Conversation Club and recently became chairperson of the project group. As coordinator for Conversation Club I have to make sure the club’s activities are conducted smoothly, we make plans for the club activities and most importantly help the facilitators. Choosing the right topic is kind of difficult because we have to choose the one that is attractive enough as well as compatible with the facilitator and the audience. Every week, we have active conversations that are thrilling for me as I get to meet new friends, share opinions, and listen to the experiences that unfold then.

I joined the project group, because I wanted more volunteer experience and to contribute more to FFC’s activities. And of course, I want myself to be a change-maker, so FFC is the right place for me. For me, volunteering is devoting my time and energy for the sake of others, giving out a helping hand with best what I can offer. Also, it is like self-development because I gain knowledge and experiences which are useful in my life. Moreover, I really appreciate the participatory method used in workshops because it really enhanced my presentation and critical thinking skills.

I joined FFC in October 2016 and since then I have been actively participating in FFC activities such as workshops and Exchange camp. Although I have joined workshops here and there, the Exchange camp was my very first one. As I imagined, the camp was really fun and friendly participants made the camp more like home. What I really like about being around FFC volunteers is that, no matter how we debate (quarrel) during the workshops at the Exchange camp, no one held the grudge and we would be giggling again next minute.

Mindy (to the far right) and other volunteers at the talent show, FFC Exchange program December 2016

My must unforgettable experience from the Exchange camp would be the talent show. We had only little amount of time (probably because we didn’t want to spare our break time, chatting and eating snacks is important too) and had to make the ends meet in 45 minutes for the talent show. My team decided to make a “talent show” as the talent and I performed the song named “Bo Aung Din” in a funny way. Of course, without rehearsing and having any kind of experience, I was really nervous to perform on the stage, but I went as crazy as I could. The result was satisfying as my friends commented how funny I looked on the stage.

Everyday back at the camp was joyful plus everyone seemed to have extra energy to actively participate in camp activities and workshops. From those, I had learned what volunteering really is and how youths can contribute positively to the society.